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Absolut Vodka Apple Juice

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Absolut Juice Apple Edition is one of four flavors in a range celebrating Swedish seasons. Cold brisk walks, open fires falling leaves. The gradual transition from summer to winter. Autumn in Sweden paints the landscape in beautiful golden yellows and warm reds. We have squeezed in the taste of autumn and bottled it up for you in this delicious vodka. Classic Absolut Vodka with the finest apple juice brings you that fresh taste of ripe and crunchy apples. Juicy! The aroma of Absolut Apple Juice is elegant and fresh with a distinct aroma of ripened apple followed by soft floral notes, a touch of vanilla and apple cores. With a rich taste of ripened apple, smooth juicy character and a well balanced sweetness we’re sure you’ll be grabbing for this spirit over and over. The finish of this light flavored vodka is fresh and fruity with juicy character.