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Basil Hayden Two By Two Whiskey

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DescriptionTo create an elusive concoction that offers the spiciness of rye and the sweetness and finish of a Bourbon, Basil Hayden’s magicians came up with a wonderful blend of not two, not three, but four Whiskeys.

They blended two Ryes and two Bourbons (hence the name): a five- and seven-year-old Kentucky Straight Ryes, and a 6- and 13-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbons.

Nose: Rich caramel on the nose with sweet aromas of brown sugar and hints of woody rye.

Palate: A smooth and medium-bodied blend of sweet flavors and opulent rye with a woody accent.

Finish: Long, warm, and lingering.

Cheers, and enjoy!

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750 ML