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El Silencio Mezcal Espadin

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Description“Espadín” is a Premium Mezcal created for High-End Mixology. El Silencio “Espadín” is handmade in small batches from carefully selected 10-12-year-old agaves.

The result is the finest Mezcal created for mixology, with an infinite range of flavors, dimensions, and character, and which also sips beautifully.

Nose: There’s definitely a little mustiness to this mezcal with some earthy clay notes, moderate smoke, and fresh green herbs. There’s also a metallic tinge floating around.

Palate: The palate is much like the aroma with no discernable fruit and little sweetness. If you fear the funk, best to use this mezcal in cocktails rather than for sipping, but if that is something you can embrace, by all means, sip away.

Finish: Refreshing and smooth finish.

Cheers, and enjoy this Tequila! Additional Information