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ICE BREAKERS COOLMINT Sugar-Free Mint Candy, Tin (1.5 oz.)

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About this itemKeep a container of mints with a delectable Coolmint flavor in the car, a pocket or a drawer for instant minty refreshmentSugar-free ICE BREAKERS mints with cooling crystals and a fresh Coolmint taste in a tin perfect for easy sharing and lasting freshnessEnjoy sugar-free mints at birthday parties, anniversary dates and other events where fresh breath is a mustFreshen your breath when the need arises with the minty flavor of ICE BREAKERS Coolmint sugar-free mintsPlace tins of Coolmint ICE BREAKERS mints strategically around the house or office to freshen everyone’s breath and keep your mouth and nose happy

Keep your breath fresh and your mouth refreshed with ICE BREAKERS Coolmint-flavored mints. These sugar-free mints are packed with cooling Coolmint flavor crystals and placed in convenient tins, so you can keep your taste buds busy no matter where the day takes you. Enjoy a crisp, smooth flavor with zero added sugar. Keep a container in your desk drawer at the office, the glove compartment in your car and the pantry at home for instant minty refreshment anytime you or your loved ones need it. Each compact container of ICE BREAKERS mints will stay closed until you’re ready thanks to a handy snap-close lid, which can dispense just one mint if you’re flying solo or several at a time if you’re in the sharing mood. Make sure you have enough for all the special events, work meetings and ordinary moments in your life — including those that call for the freshest breath.

About Ice Breakers Mints Coolmint

This box contains eight 1.5-ounce packages of tasty Ice Breakers Mints Cool Mint flavor. Each package contains about 50 mints that are laced with cooling crystals that instantly chill the stalest mouths and freshen breath for a completely refreshing experience. These delicious mints are sugar-free and each has less than five calories, zero fat and zero sodium.

Who Makes Ice Breakers Candy Mints?

The Hershey Company has proudly produced Ice Breakers Mints for many years and is one of its signature sugar-free, non-chocolate products.

Are Ice Breakers Mints Convenient?

These zero-sugar, low calories mints come in a durable plastic and circular container meant to resemble a hockey puck. It features two openings, one larger for shaking out multiple mints and one smaller for just nabbing one, with both openings snapping shut securely. These mints are extremely portable—just toss them in your bag, jacket pocket or car and get on with your day.

Who Needs Ice Breakers Mints Coolmint Bulk Pack?

This multipack of Ice Breakers Mints is perfect for anyone who enjoys sugar-free mints and appreciates good value. It’s also great for resale in vending machines or at convenience stores, with the cardboard holder perfect for display.

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  • Contains one (1) 1.5-ounce tin of ICE BREAKERS Coolmint-Flavored Sugar-Free Mints
  • 1.5 oz.

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